Excellence Created Out of Determination and Need

Clean Air is Kimre’s Motivation for Developing Puramid Filtration Technology.

The inspiration behind the Kimre PurePerformance Mask was not a global pandemic. 20 years ago, engineer and entrepreneur George C. Pederson collaborated with like-minded clean air advocates to develop a material made up of individual fibers that eliminate extremely fine particles. His team was successful in developing a material used to fabricate dust masks, which were first tested and approved by woodworkers in Australia. This was not the first material of this type he had created. With his long term goals of cleaner air, Mr. Pedersen has also developed materials for mist elimination and particle scrubbing, expanding the industrial, commercial and consumer possibilities for a pollution free world. 

In 1974, Mr. Pedersen founded Kimre, Inc. and focused its work on developing materials used to control air pollution created by chemical process industries. As the son of a Danish immigrant who farmed vegetables, Mr. Pedersen was no stranger to hard work and determination. He also harbored aspirational goals for himself and his business. 

Pedersen’s goals were cleaner air and cleaner water for the next generation. "We are harming ourselves and our children through the deterioration of our air quality - essentially by way of industrialization and too many people," he is fond of saying. He believes cleaner air will only be achieved through new technology used to make the air emitted from factories and buildings worldwide cleaner and safer. 

Then the pandemic hit. All of a sudden there were other elements in the air to avoid. Consumers all over the world needed premium air filtration masks just to go to the gym or grocery store. George C. Pedersen had already developed the Puramid Filtration Technology that met CDC guidelines and was soft enough to wear all day. The PurePerformance Mask was born. But this use of Puramid Filtration Technology is just the beginning. In the future, Kimre stands ready to provide more air filtration products that will make the world a safer place.

Mr. Pedersen is happily married to his wife, Terry, and is the proud father of George C. Pedersen III, Mary, Kimberly, and Rachelle. He wears his PurePerformance mask while he enjoys fishing, traveling, spending time with family... and more fishing.